From Eupen [BE] to Frankfurt [DE]

The 6-day cycling tour From Eupen to Regensburg

The 3-day cycling tour from Eupen to Frankfurt

Click on a day to see more pictures, impressions and routes taken. Scroll down to see summaries and stats of the trip.

DAY 1: from Eupen to Blankenheim

DAY 2: from Blankenheim to Koblenz

DAY 3: from Koblenz to Frankfurt

Day 1: from Eupen to Blankenheim

This is the route I've taken on the first day. 64,7 km, starting with a massive, steady climb, somewhat flat stretches of road and towards a few steep hills.

Cycle routes:
  • From Eupen to Schöneseiffen
    Red line is the Bundesstraße. I took this route.

    If you look at the left side of the google map screenshot, you'll notice the black border. This is the country border. Now look at the right side of the map. Do you notice there being 2 lines? The area between these borders is Belgian territory. Hence Mützenich is a German land that is surrounded by Belgium.

    Ascend: 83m; descend: 16m; distance: 11,5 km; estimated time: 39 minutes
  • From Schöneseiffen to Schleiden (Olef)
    Here I've passed the world-renowned stream 'Olef'. A moment I will look back to years from now. Distance (4,3) on map is from Schöneseiffen to Schleiden.
  • From Schleiden to Krekel (Kall)
    Almost there in Blankenheim.
  •  Krekel to Blankenheim

    I cycled over the Bundesstraße. It seems that good alternatives were available. Oh well.

Duration: 1 day
Difficulty: average-difficult (you need gears to do this one)
Distance: 68 km
Countries: Belgium, Germany

Day 2: from Blankenheim to Koblenz

Cycle routes:
  • From Blankenheim (NRW) to Rheinlandpfalz (border)

    I've made a repair-stand in front of the store because my tire was deflated again.

    Only going downhill. Very nice.
  • From Rheinlandpfalz (border) to Barweiler
    The route from the border of NRW to Barweiler.
  • From Barweiler to Koblenz

    From Barweiler to Koblenz.

Duration: 1 day
Difficulty: average (you need gears to do this)
Distance: 92 km
Countries: Germany

Day 3: from Koblenz to Frankfurt

Cycle route:
  • From Koblenz-Ehrenbreitstein to Nassau

    The path to Lahnstein and Nassau have good bike signs. However, if you lose track, you will have a hard time finding a sign again.
  • From Nassau to Wiesbaden
  • From Wiesbaden to Flörsheim

  • From Flörsheim to Frankfurt (with a detour)

Duration: 1 full day
Difficulty: easy (if nothing bad happens on your way to Frankfurt)
Distance: 125 km
Countries: Germany


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